A.I. Versus the Coronavirus. A new consortium of top scientists will be able to use some of the worlds most advanced supercomputers to look for solutions. Alicia Keys reveals she considered terminating her second pregnancy in new tell-all memoir. The 39-year-old songstress said when she found out she was pregnant with her second child to husband Swizz Beatz, she told her doctor she 'wasn't ready for this'. V.A. Criticized for Effort to Keep Some Veterans Away From Private Care During Outbreak. By Wednesday morning, the White House sought to correct the impression that the department was putting a pause on the Mission Act. 'Tiger King' is the weird docu-series distraction we can use right now. People who own big cats are unusual, we're told near the outset of "Tiger King Murder, Mayhem and Madness," which proceeds to prove that -- and then some -- over seven jaw-dropping episodes. Netflix has made a lot of noise with unscripted programming, but it's going to roar with this beyond-bizarre docu-series distraction, which demonstrates that outlandish people who love filming themselves are a formula for TV that's grrrr-reat. Fine Print of Stimulus Bill Contains Special Deals for Industries. Small banks, retailers and for-profit colleges got provisions they wanted. So did Boeing. Among those who could potentially benefit President Trumps company. U.S. Supreme Court hinders comedian-businessman's race-bias suit against Comcast. The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday threw out a lower court's ruling that had given the green light to comedian-turned-media entrepreneur Byron Allen's $20 billion racial bias lawsuit against Comcast Corp that accused the cable television operator of discriminating against black-owned channels. New Amsterdam's upcoming flu pandemic episode delayed by NBC amid coronavirus fears. NBC has pulled an episode of the medical drama New Amsterdam about a flu pandemic due to similarities with the current coronavirus outbreak. Spanish Broths for More Than Paella. Aneto, from Barcelona, add more flavor to soups and stews.<br><br>Life on the Planet Mercury? Its Not Completely Nuts. A new explanation for the rocky worlds jumbled landscape opens a possibility that it could have had ingredients for habitability. Missing Ingredients? Ask Our Cooking Experts for Substitutions. We are building a list of tips on <a href="http://timematch9.jigsy.com/entries/general/River-Lea-Ware-Traveller-Evaluations">How many tickets can you buy with an arsenal red membership What is Caleb plant worth</a> to get creative with ingredients you already have. Tell us what would help in your kitchen. Parents are warned of the crucial signs that 'predatory coaches' might actually be sex abusers. Parents of young sports men and women have been warned about predatory coaches who may use their position to take advantage of children and <a href="http://stampe61downey.over-blog.com/2020/03/ma-2019.html">How much is Dwight Howard making this year How much did it cost to make Black Panther</a> to spot the warning signs. Maggie Grace calls out Lost co-star Evangeline Lilly for refusing to self-isolate. 'There's no need to panic, but at the same time this <a href="https://mcmanus86munn.doodlekit.com/blog/entry/7788302/how-to-make-your-iphone-movies-look-like-hollywood-movies">Is Michigan a football or basketball school What is Tyson Fury's boxing record</a> about all of us - the vulnerable, the immunocompromised, older folks,' Maggie wrote in response to Lilly's controversial post. Students in Queensland will stop going to school from next week amid coronavirus fears. Queensland schools will go 'student-free' from next week amid the coronavirus pandemic. Increased strain on Australia's NBN network forces some to wait 24 hours to load a show on Netflix. Netflix has reduced its traffic by 25 per cent across its entire service for the next month by removing its highest bandwidth streams to ease the internet capacity. Australia Day 2012 Fireworks and lightning combine to light up Perth's skies. An estimated 250,000 people turned out to watch the 28th annual Australia Day fireworks display in the western Australian city, despite fears weather conditions could disrupt the event. Why does Russia, population 146 million, have fewer coronavirus cases than Luxembourg? Russian President Vladimir Putin said this week his country managed to stop the mass spread of coronavirus -- and that the situation was "under control," thanks to early and aggressive measures to keep more people from getting the disease. Pharmacist wears hazmat suit to deliver prescription to elderly customer. Clad head to foot in protective clothing, this is a pharmacist making sure an elderly customer gets their prescription drugs in Southend, Essex. Valtteri Bottas Finland's F1 hero. Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas <a href="https://kinsabildtrup5.family.blog/2020/03/26/who-is-amy-klobuchars-husband/">Is there a season 4 of stranger things What shoes does Giannis wear 2019</a> a rising star in Formula One. Finland's new F1 hero sits down with Amanda Davies in this Circuit special.<br><br> Big Dutch galleries close until end of March due to coronavirus. The Dutch national gallery, the Rijksmuseum, and the nearby Van Gogh museum, two of the Netherlands' premier tourist attractions in Amsterdam, will be closed to the public at least until March 31 due to the coronavirus epidemic. Word of the Day + Quiz 124; adorn. This word has appeared in 106 New York Times articles in the past year. We tell you how to beat the medicine shortage with expert-approved home remedies. Pharmacy and supermarket shelves have been stripped bare of the basic over-the-counter medicines, Good Health asked experts to give their very best suggestions for home remedies.