Many successful adverts and web pages follow the Aida formula(AIDA) , according to which the ad should be
1- Pay attention to the viewer
2. Make craving and stretch
3. Wish or create
4- To act or act
Unfortunately, in most cases, ad designers only pay attention to the first part of this formula, that is, they try to attract the viewer with the help of large letters or drops of video. Many websites follow the same pattern with gorgeous graphics and blurred images and images. It's like going to the customer, gazing at her face, taking her shoulders with two hands and shaking vigorously. We draw attention to customer attention, but we have to ask ourselves how to buy from us? So catching attention is only part of the work, not all of that!
Listen well now to introduce a more effective way to advertise. . . The right way that the visitor craves and stretches and ends up selling. This is the code:
Set your ad as a short report. Do not give that stereotype. Glorious graphics, crooked, odd shapes. . . Avoid anything else to get a graphics prize!
Think best.
* Aida's word(AIDA) is an abbreviation, consisting of the first letters of English wordsAttention, Interest, Desire, Action advantages and disadvantages of advertising on the web
Benefit from advertising with banners Sometimes in media, we come up with false, even biased comments that question the effectiveness of banner ads! Although advertising is not the only way to advertise through a banner, and this method has its own advantages and limitations, the experience shows that smart use of the banner, especially in introducing the brand and promoting sales, is very effective.
According to the International Organization for Advertising(IAB)In 2000, banner ads comprised 47% of the total online advertising. Especially if we notice that the total number of online advertising this year is $ 8.2 billion, we will more often appreciate the importance of this type of advertising..
Therefore, advertising through the banner can and should be part of your advertising strategy, provided you pay attention to these: Internet advertising
a- Make attractive and short messages for your
banners. Advertising banners are comparable with street billboards. These ads should attract viewers for a short time. Benurkhah is at the top of the page, or in the middle and on the sides of it, you have to send a message with a few words or a brief picture. These ads are particularly successful in introducing names and brands, as short names or shortcuts fit well into the mind..
Internet advertising
B- Ensure that banners direct the audience to the right place.
If you use the banner to introduce your site, it is acceptable to bring the audience to the home page(home page) site. But banners designed to promote sales and special offers may lead to confusion with the audience on the home screen. In these cases, especially if you do not anticipate a good message or video guide to direct these visitors to your homepage, you will probably lose them.
So instead of sending the contact to the site's home page, it's best to direct him directly to the page that we designed to promote sales and link it to the banner. On this page, we must detail the product or offer in detail and ask the respondent to order or contact us by filling in the product form. In this way, if the contact does not fill out the form, we are sure we received our message. Online advertising
C- Target your ads.
Targeted advertising means messaging to audiences with common interests such as career, professional, artistic, sporting, and the like. In banner ads, these groups can be categorized by classified ads sites, so that each ad is broadcasted for a specific audience. Unsupported, it is said that the costs are reduced and advertising efficiency increases significantly. Targeted targeting
D- Test your ads with small groups.
One of the points of interest or beauty of online advertising is that you can easily scan your ads with a small group of audiences at a very low cost. You can also create banners with different shapes, colors, text and sizes, and compare their effectiveness. With a little care and patience, you can set up sales proposals that are tailored to the characteristics and audience of the audience and bring the highest score..
In Iran, the average cost of displaying 1,000 banners is about $ 1,200, which is very small and allows for any type of test. These experiments give the advertiser plenty of information that is worth tens or sometimes hundreds of times more relevant costs. You can even compare the cost and effectiveness of banner ads, for the goods or services you want, with other types of traditional and online advertising. In this case, you will notice that the banner ads are much cheaper than most of the products and have a better result.
Internet Income
E- Allow your banner advertising part of your overall strategy.
Advertising often brings the most out of the results of the media and methods to deliver the message to the audience. Knowledgeable companies and corporations know about the story and try to reach out to their audience with various media. These companies usually use radio, television, cinema, the press, environmental advertising (posters, billboards, buses, etc.), and in recent years they have also added a variety of online advertising options..
If your budget does not allow advertising in expensive media, use other forms of online advertising. Including advertisements in online newsletters and posting promotional messages is one example that can help you along with banner ads. advertisement banners
And- Use banner design, graphics, animation, and other visual effects.
Composition, color, light, movement, letters, and lines make a striking effect on attracting the attention of viewers and the success of your banners. The beautiful and fluid prose (as mentioned earlier) also becomes more effective in combination with these factors. This collection may stay in the minds of the viewer for a long time and help advertiser goals.
Use expert and experienced people to design banners. The cost of banner design is not worthy of attention, but it has an important effect on your advertising. Environmental advertising