Last week [url=]Cleveland Browns Hoodie[/url] , speculation emerged that the Kellen Winslow II criminal trial could include a defense based on brain trauma from playing football. On Monday, it became clear that football will not be blamed for Winslow’s alleged misconduct.Winslow’s attorney, Brian Watkins, delivered an opening statement that lasted less than 10 minutes, even though the case features five different alleged victims. During the opening statement, Watkins at no point conceded that Winslow engaged in misconduct, focusing on notions of consent, mistaken identity, and charges that became embellished, exaggerated, and/or flat-out fabricated due to media coverage regarding the claims made by other alleged victims. It will be extremely difficult if not flat-out impossible for Watkins to pivot during trial to a defense premised on Winslow being factually guilty but not legally responsible due to head injuries.Regardless of the basis for Winslow’s defense, it was stunning to see so little time devoted by Watkins to his first chance to sell the jury on his client’s innocence. (Even though jurors aren’t supposed to make up their minds until after the trial ends, try watching a football game between two teams you have no attachment to without quickly picking a side to root for.) There was no passion, no indignation [url=][/url] , no outrage regarding the notion that a man faces imprisonment for the rest of his life based on shoddy police work, unreliable witnesses, and a media-fueled frenzy that resulted in one of the alleged victims jumping to conclusions about Winslow based merely on the fact that she became aware of other charges against him.Instead, the most memorable moment of the defense’s opening statement came when Watkins admitted that Winslow repeatedly has been unfaithful to his wife, not via “affairs” but through no-strings-attached sex. That’s not the image that the jury should be carrying home for the day, given that the actual taking of testimony regarding sexual activity that crossed the line from immoral to illegal won’t begin until Tuesday. The Browns have indefinitely banned the fan who threw beer on Titans cornerback Logan Ryan during Sundays game at FirstEnergy Stadium. “This individual person’s action is not tolerated in our building as it is not reflective of our fan base or city,” the team said in a statement, via Mary Kay Cabot of the . “We are currently addressing the situation internally, along with NFL Security, and we believe we have identified the person involved. He will ultimately face an indefinite ban from FirstEnergy Stadium for the unacceptable behavior, which is in clear violation for our Fan Code of Conduct.”The fan, who the Browns didn’t identify publicly, was wearing a Baker Mayfield jersey. He threw beer in Ryan’s face after Ryan joined a pick-six touchdown celebration in Tennessee’s victory over the Browns.A day later, Ryan tweeted about the incident and tagged the NFL [url=]Jim Brown Color Rush Jersey[/url] , NFLPA, Browns and Titans, writing, “They can pour beer on us because we’re just athletes right? We’re just entertainment & since they purchased a ticket they can act how they want?”He also called for punishment for the fan during an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio.“Yeah, you know, in this day and age it’s ridiculous,” Ryan said Monday. “I understand that we play football. I understand that we’re modern day gladiators. I understand that fans feel like they can yell and say and degrade, whatever, but you know, we’re human beings. And I think in society nowadays that’s, with everything going on and everybody deserving their rights, I think as a player to hop up over the rail and to have beer splashed in your face and you’re not allowed to respond. . . .Fans are allowed to throw beer in our face and yell whatever they want to yell at us and there’s no penalty?”